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Received review recognitions for UIST '24


One paper conditionally accepted to UIST


Invited to CHI '25 Program Subcommittee


One poster accepted to SIGGRAPH '24


Recieved IPAI Postdoc Research Award


Received PPI Faculty Research Award


Invited to SIGGRAPH 2024 Posters PC


Received review recognition for DIS '24


Invited to ASSETS '24 program committee


Invited to serve as an AC for UIST '24


Received review recognition for CHI '24


Invited to CHI 2024 SDC Committee


Invited to serve as an AC for DIS 2024


Invited to co-chair SIC for UIST 2024


Received review recognition for CHI '24


Assistant Professor (He/His)
Department of Computer Graphics Technology
Polytechnic Institute, Purdue University
Office: Knoy 331, West Lafayette

I am an Assistant Professor in Interactive Media at the Department of Computer Graphics Technology (CGT), Polytechnic Institute at Purdue University. At Purdue, I lead Design & Engineering for Making (DΞ4M) Lab and promote digital fabrication (dFab) in HCI research. I develop enabling tools, techniques, and devices that mediate and enhance human interaction with physical and virtual objects and environments. My research combines computational design, digital fabrication, mechanical engineering, and computer science to facilitate the making of future tools and interfaces for integrated experience from personal to environmental scales. Before joining Purdue, I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Washington. I also worked at the HP Labs, Microsoft Research (Redmond), and Keio-NUS CUTE Center. My research was published at top HCI/UbiComp venues such as CHI, UIST, IMWUT, TEI, and ASSETS with awards.

Research Agenda

Research agenda diagram

10/29 - 11/01, San Francisco, CA
UIST 2023

10/22 - 10/25, New York City, NY

08/07 - 08/10, Los Angeles, CA

04/22 - 04/29, Hamburg, Germany
CHI 2023

10/29 - 11/02, Bend, OR
UIST 2022

10/25 - 10/29, Seattle, WA
SCF 2022


PhD Committee
Ali Baigelenov, CGT (2023 - )
Min Soo Choi, CGT (2023 - )
Dixuan Cui, CGT (graduated in 2023; now Assist. Prof. at Sam Houston State University)


Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Mad Ability Lab, September 2023

Purdue University
Faculty Talk, September 2023

Tsinghua University
Virtual, July 2023

Zhejiang University
Guanyun Lab, May 2023

Duke Kunshan University
Anthropocene XR Lab, May 2023

HCI Seminar, April 2023


Fall 2023 - CGT 512 (41 students)
Foundational Readings of UX Design

Spring 2023- CGT 532 (28 students)
UX Design Graduate Studio: Cross-Channel

Fall 2022- CGT 116 (hybrid, 96 students)
Geometric Modeling for Vis & Communication


Program Committee
CHI 2025, UIST 2024, SIGGRAPH 2024 Poster Jury, SIGGRAPH 2024 E-Tech Jury, ASSETS 2024, DIS 2024, CHI 2024, ASSETS 2023, DIS 2023, IDC 2023, ASSETS 2022, IDC 2021 (WiP), CHI 2021 (LBW), CHI 2020 (LBW), CHI 2019 (LBW)

Organizing Committee
UIST 2024 (Student Innovation Contest), ASSETS 2023 (Posters & Demos, Experience Reports Chair), UIST 2023 (Proceedings Chair), UIST 2022 (Proceedings Chair), ASSETS 2022 (Web and Graphic Design Chair), UIST 2019 (Design and Web Chair)

Paper Reviews (250+)
(14 special recognitions for excellent review)

- CHI 2016/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24
- UIST 2019/20/21/22/23/24
- DIS 2020/21/23/24
- SCF 2020/21/23
- ASSETS 2022/23/24
- TEI 2017/18
- IEEE VR 2023/24
- IDC 2023
- IMWUT 2023
- CSCW 2021
- WAC 2019
- MobileHCI 2016
- ISMAR 2024


I occationally create random interactive installations and knickknacks like the ramblings of a paranoid. My ego revives through the construction of the visual and physical forms of my abstract ideas.

Visual Identity Designs

HiLab at UCLA Logo (co-designed with Yang Zhang)

UIST 2019 Logo

Accepted CHI '19 SV T-Shirt

Accepted CHI '14 SV T-Shirt

Design and development of FabGalaxy - an visualization tool for Personal Fabrication Research in HCI and Graphics: An Overview of Related Work, which is maintained by HCI Engineering Group, MIT CSAIL

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications


3D Printing Magnetophoretic Displays
Zeyu Yan, Hsuanling Lee, Liang He, and Huaishu Peng
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Hardware Device / Making
Kinergy: Creating 3D Printable Motion using Embedded Kinetic Energy
Liang He, Xia Su, Huaishu Peng, Jeffrey I. Lipton, and Jon E. Froehlich
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Parametric Design / Mechanics / Making
ACM CHI 2022
FlexHaptics: A Design Method for Passive Haptic Inputs Using Planar Compliant Structures
Hongnan Lin, Liang He, Fangli Song, Yifan Li, Tingyu Cheng, Clement Zheng, Wei Wang, and Hyunjoo Oh
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Parametric Design / Haptics / Making
ACM UbiComp 2022 / IMWUT December, 2021
ModElec: A Design Tool for Prototyping Physical Computing Devices Using Conductive 3D Printing
Liang He, Jarrid A Wittkopf, Ji Won Jun, Kris Erickson, and Rafael 'Tico' Ballagas
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Parametric Design / Electronic Design / Making
ACM CHI 2021
HulaMove: Using Commodity IMU for Waist Interaction
Xuhai Xu, Jiahao Li, Tianyi Yuan, Liang He, Xin Liu, Yukang Yan, Yuntao Wang, Yuanchun Shi, Jennifer Mankoff, and Anind K Dey.
Areas: Sensing / Machine Learning / Mixed Methods
Ondulé: Designing and Controlling 3D Printable Springs
Liang He, Huaishu Peng, Michelle Lin, Ravikanth Konjeti, François Guimbretière, and Jon E. Froehlich
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Parametric Design/ Mechanics / Making
ACM CHI 2017     Best Paper Award at CHI'17 |   Best LBW Paper Award at CHI'16
MakerWear: A Tangible Approach to Interactive Wearable Creation
Majeed Kazemitabaar, Jason McPeak, Alexander Jiao, Liang He, Thomas Outing, and Jon E. Froehlich
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Electroics/ Wearable Device / Making
ACM TEI 2017
SqueezaPulse: Adding Interactive Input to Fabricated Objects
Liang He, Gierad Laput, Eric Brockmeyer, and Jon E. Froehlich
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Sensing / Machine Learning/ Making
ACM CHI 2015     Honorable Mentions Award at CHI'15
New Interaction Tools for Preserving an Old Language
Beryl Plimmer, Liang He, Tariq Zaman, Kasun Karunanayaka, Alvin W. Yeo, Garen Jengan, Rachel Blagojevic, and Ellen Yi-Luen Do
Areas: Tangible Interface / Sensing / Learning
ACM MobileHCI 2015
CozyMaps: Real-time Collaboration With Multiple Displays
Kelvin Cheng, Liang He, Xiaojun Meng, David A. Shamma, Dung Nguyen, and Anbarasan Thangapalam
Areas: Multi-Device Interaction / Cooperative Work
PneuHaptic: Delivering Haptic Cues with a Pneumatic Armband
Liang He, Cheng Xu, Ding Xu, and Ryan Brill
Areas: Hardware Device / Haptic Feedback / Wearable

Selected Extended Abstracts

ACM CHI 2020 Late-Breaking Work
PneuFetch: Supporting BVI People to Fetch Nearby Objects
Liang He, Ruolin Wang, and Xuhai Xu
Areas: Hardware Device / Haptic Feedback / Wearable / Accessibility
ACM ASSETS 2019 Poster
A Multi-Modal Approach for BVI Developers to Edit Webpages
Venkatesh Potluri, Liang He, Christine Chen, Jon E. Froehlich, and Jennifer Mankoff
Areas: Multi-Modal Device Interaction / Accessibility
ACM ASSETS 2017 Poster
TacTILE: A Toolchain for Creating Accessible Graphics with 3D-Printed Overlays and Auditory Annotations
Liang He, Zijian Wan, Leah Findlater, Jon E. Froehlich
Areas: Digital Fabrication / Touch / Multi-Modal / Accessibility